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Since 2012, we’ve been helping product companies scale to different markets, launch, pivot, and find product-market-fit


2022. Ten-year milestone

Feeling grateful to Rebbix team, partners and Ukraine - standing strong.

Crossed the mark of 2M users per month

Rove.me continues to grow its audience

July 2022

New Challenge accepted! Shaping the cruise market

We started our cooperation with Dreamlines – the largest cruise portal in Europe.

June 2022

Number of transactions increased by 200% YoY

January 2022

2021. More projects and team members aboard

Rove.me hits 1M monthly audience

November 2021

Oitchau rebrands as Day.io to expand on international HR tech market

October 2021

Bringing safe and transactional payment model to platform

October 2021

Stepping into Data Game at Fixly. Built Data warehouse, Improved Data analytics platform

November 2021

Transforming OLX from classifieds to transactional marketplace.

January 2021


Despite that 2020 was full of challenges, it opened the potential for new opportunities in a special way.

5 new languages by AI

AI based translations for Rove.me. Content available in Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese and German resulting in 40% audience growth

July 2020

Platform handling 300K punches increase

Business pivot - main focus on 20000+ employees companies

June 2020

Launching Mobile App Experiment: TV-campaign traffic capture, handling 5M reach

May 2020

A unified experience - contribution to multi-brand Design system development

January 2020

Oitchau Entering the international HR Tech market of Spain & Israel

January 2020

2019. Just do it

Implemented cool features to our partners’ products and started to deal with SEO like grown-ups

Scaling product business efficiency

First round of monetization features Value Added Services, Pay per quote & AI matching algorithm implementation.

October 2019

Designing and developing Moderation tool for AI duplicate detection at OLX

June 2019

Integration partnership with B2B2C resellers and HR systems Xerpay, SAPBrazil

February 2019

Helping Fixly with SEO. 10x Organic Traffic Increase in 4 months

January 2019

2018. Staying curious

Continuous experiments and travel community nurture

Helping Otodom.pl with internal projects

October 2018

Business Focus set on 500+ employees companies

September 2018

Rove.me hits 500k monthly visitors

July 2018

E-Lock R&D

Research and development of an integrated multi-property electronic lock management solution.

May 2018

2017. Five-year milestone

Looks like we achieved the goal we set back in March 2012!

Public release to Brazil’s HRTech market.

July 2017

Fixly launches in Poland

May 2017

High-tech HR solutions for the modern world

January 2017

Started working with OLX Group

A network of online trading platforms in over 40 countries under market-leading brands which are used by over 300 million people every month.

January 2017

2016. Keep up the rhythm

Got a few more cool customers and some incredible products.

Toast lands $1.5M investment

November 2016

Started working with Fairy

Building a 30-minutes daily “hotel-like” cleaning service for active professionals and families.

August 2016

Mission: Reduce image copyright infringement risks with brand-new image distribution model.

August 2016

Building a cloud-connected safe-box storage with real time security monitoring

May 2016

Started working with one of the top global financial portals

March 2016

2015. Achievement unlocked

All of our partners raise seed funding rounds.

‘Best time to visit’ travel guide

Aiming to change the way people travel: we created a travel guide that focuses on getting the most out of your trip by allowing you to choose the best dates to visit a destination.

November 2015

Belvilla mobile apps

UX, design and development solution provider for Belvilla’s mobile apps.

November 2015

Yippie received €600K seed round investment.

September 2015

New search engine solution for Belvilla. Continuous development and support of search engine infrastructure.

September 2015

Cryptosigma pivots to Toast and raises $750K seed funding

July 2015

Oba raises $950k in a new funding round

June 2015

Cryptosigma MVP

Launching an MVP of a bitcoin wallet and exchange platform.

May 2015

xMarket rebrands to Oba and launches in Brazil

February 2015

Yippie graduates from Startup Bootcamp Amsterdam

MVP released.

January 2015

2014. Products

Year of building products from idea to launch.

Started working with Yippie

A price comparison startup with a mission to deliver the best possible shopping experience.

December 2014

Experiment: Social Hyperlocal Classified Ads platform

Tested a hypothesis of a fast symmetrical supply and demand growth by leveraging user groups from the existing social networks.

October 2014

xMarket MVP

Classified Ads platform MVP and $850K seed funding.

May 2014

Started working with Mozilla

Helping optimize cloud costs for build and test infrastructure.

February 2014

2013. Rebbix Labs

Working on our own ideas and experiments to develop skills of fast and lean product launch.

Partnering with Nravo, the largest independent game-studio in Ukraine, to build real-time analytics solutions and social games

September 2013

Started working with Belvilla

A market leader in the Benelux region and one of the largest European players in the holiday homes market.

August 2013

Built content management and publishing system for online magazines.

June 2013

Experiment: Product reviews network

Tested a model of a reviews exchange network between different e-commerce websites.

June 2013

Started rebbix labs

June 2013

2012. First year

Yay! We have a company

modnaKasta mobile apps

UX, Design and development solution provider for modnaKasta mobile apps.

December 2012

Scaling of the existing platform and handling 10x traffic increase.

Top 5% fastest websites in the world according to Alexa rank.

October 2012

Started working with modnaKasta

No. 1 online flash sales company in Ukraine.

June 2012

Started working with one of the top online publishing agencies in the Netherlands

March 2012

🎉 March 2012. Rebbix founded

We founded Rebbix with a strong belief that a small and agile company of smart technologists will be better at building products.

March 2012

Before 2012

Previous experience of rebbix’s core team


One of the top online gaming companies with more than 100 million monthly active users.

December 2011


Netherland’s #1 Classifieds Site.

November 2011