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Project Description, Brazilian Time & Attendance startup which recently became an international company. Our system allows to make sure that employees are following the assigned schedule and to track their time when they work out of the office.

Our team has been building the technical part of this product from the very beginning. Currently we have customers with international operations and with more than 15k employees.

We are looking for a mature, challenge-driven engineer to reinforce our team in Lviv and help us build a high-quality product. The project itself is fast-growing and dynamic and affects the salaries of thousands of people across the globe.


  •  Our platform ensures a healthy and honest relationship between employer and employee
  • The employee is rewarded for all overtimes, on-time, night shifts, and unused breaks
  • The employer receives a guarantee that its employees are not engaged in unnecessary work
  • That is why such systems are mandatory by law in many countries around the world, * as one of our clients (the Brazilian Space Agency) said - it’s not rocket science, but sometimes it’s more complicated
  • Our competitive advantage is that we count all changes in real-time, for example, we can notify the employer when the employee has abnormally large overtime, that's why we get millions of recalculations every day and peak loads during the hours when most people in a certain time zone come or go from work
  •  Also, HCM is about automation, so most of our new customers (mostly large companies) manage employees in our platform either through our external API or through other platforms which we have built integrations with
  • We designed and built this system from scratch, making all the technical decisions, and this allowed to grow to the capacity that is now
  • Demand and market coverage are increasing, so there is a need to scale the platform to about x10 before the end of the first quarter of 2022
  • Functionally covers most of our customers' needs, so our focus now is on growth and scaling
  • We work with the Google Cloud Platform, but are not limited by any technology and are constantly experimenting
  • The main technologies today are Kubernetes, Nodejs, RoR, PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch, Redis, GCloud Pub / Sub, React, Amazon Rekognition

Must have

  • 6+ years of experience designing and developing scalable systems
  • Experience with Node.js, RDBMS, message queues, NoSQL databases
  • Experience with clouds and SaaS architectures
  • Good English in both written and verbal communication


  • Ownership of making the major architectural decisions
  • Understanding and development of platform building, its deployment, and production
  • Maintaining a healthy system capable of adapting to business needs
  • Working with risks and emergency response plans
  • Controlling technical debt
  • Taking an active part in the development of key projects
  • Helping teams with technical problems

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