Senior Backend Engineer

We are looking for a senior backend developer, who will expand the competencies of our team and help us to build a high-quality, stable and reliable product, ready for hyper-growth (we're already past C10k problem). Team player, quick learner, product mindset, programming-language-agnostic (Basically we don't care what's your main technology now. We care about your willingness to work with our tech stack.)


Project Description


  • Fixly is helping customers to get things done. From house renovation to organizing a party.
  • See our TV ad and other our TV ad to find out what Fixly is.
  • Fixly is a part of the Naspers family along with other projects like OLX, Letgo, Otomoto and recently acquired StackOverflow.
  • Fixly is operating in Poland, helping over 500k customers every month to find the right professional for their task.
  • We are constantly growing and looking to capture other markets.
  • Our team is part of Fixly from the very start, over 4 years now. We do UX, product development, software, infrastructure and generally make this product work.
Your setup:
  • Competent team of 10 engineers 
  • Weekly sprints, weekly releases, new features regularly
  • Well established agile dev/QA process and your improvements are welcome


What technologies you will work with:

  • Node JS
  • Typescript
  • Docker
  • Postgresql
  • Graphql
  • AWS
  • DynamoDB
  • SQS
  • Kinesis

What we would like you to know, at least some of these:

  • Understanding of AWS technologies: SQS, RDS, DMS, Lambda, Kinesis, Cloudwatch, X-ray, OpenSearch and others
  • Microservice architectures, autoscaling strategies
  • Domain Driven Design
  • Database performance, indexing, partitioning, query optimization
  • Docker, terraform, kubernetes
  • Real-time applications and protocols (ex. MQTT)


  • Write code.
  • Develop new features in API for web and mobile clients.
  • Integrate with 3rd party services (payments, accounting, notification services, etc).
  • Refactor and optimize existing architecture with a focus on stability and performance.
  • Write automated tests.
  • Take ownership of the system components.
  • Work alongside competent dev team (10 people), participate in product process.
  • Test out new approaches and technologies, implement them to production.

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