Frontend Engineer for Dreamlines

Project Description

With Dreamlines everyone will be able to find their dream cruise on the high seas. Dreamlines work with only the most reputable cruise companies to offer customers a huge selection of cruises, with new trips added daily.


Must have

  • software engineering fundamentals, algorithms and data structures, OOP,
  • solid ES6 JavaScript, HTML, and CSS knowledge.
  • Experience with React and preferably Next.js
  • Modern web client development and testing tools.
  • Experience with SEO-driven websites, performance optimization, SSR
  • Good understanding and practical knowledge of continuous integration/delivery methods.
  • Good teammate, however also work independently and lead initiatives

Nice to have

  • Experience with Node.JS or willingness to learn
  • Experience with Cloudflare Workers or other Edge Computing solutions
  • Familiarity with web analytics and tracking tools, know how they work, how not to break them
  • Browser APIs & even more front end performance optimizations
  • Experience building large-scale high-performance systems and sites
  • German language


  • Take part on redesign and replatforming of old codebase to next.js
  • Closely work with product manager and dev teammates
  • Take part in whole product/feature lifecycle (from discussing an idea to shipping to production and observing the impact)
  • Write production code, with 1 avg week time to market
  • Possess ownership and responsibility over application components.
  • Keep an eye on build times, web/ssr performance. Optimize all of that.


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