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Senior Backend Engineer

We are looking for Backend engineer, who will expand the competencies of our team and help us to build high-quality, stable and reliable product.

Backend Engineer

We are looking for a back end engineer familiar with distributed systems, event streaming and complex environments. You feel at home with microservice architecture, able to debug issues which happen in-between of the services written in different languages and stacks. You write clean and efficient TypeScript code, and not afraid to dig into whatever the depths of legacy will stand between you and a problem that is needed to be solved.

Sales Operations Specialist

We are looking for a new team member in our sales team. One that will strengthen the team with their experience and eagerness to achieve results. We will consider any candidate with previous experience in IT sales unrelated to previously occupied positions and titles. We are flexible in a definition of roles and responsibilities and believe that people, their skills, experience, and personal challenges should define responsibilities and not vice versa.

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We are always looking for developers who don’t suffer from 1 language complexes